Friday, May 25, 2012

An action that can make a difference

Having a thriving sustainability movement and a culture that encourages personal "carbon footprint" action  is great, but what's needed is policy action, and there's the danger that focusing on  personal "footprint" efforts can distract from solving the problem.

But here's a personal action that does make a difference:
(Note: but it might need some tweaking, before it's worth spending time on)
There's a pilot project afoot to make videos illustrating climate research findings, so we-the-public can see the findings easily.  But what sort of videos work best?  You can help them make effective videos by watching some and giving your feedback.

It's a heckuva way to leverage a few minutes of your time into making communication more powerful.

"You do:
everything you can to
increase public demand for significant and immediate policy action to
combat global climate change."
- Greg Craven

An afterthought:
Why doesn't climate communication for children offer actions like this for the kids to take, along with the "carbon footprint" stuff?
(Likely answer: because there aren't any yet?)

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