Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Connecting the dots, tending your acre, and revisiting the proposed "fee and dividend" carbon policy.

It was a good rally we had here on Saturday; and it was great to see that others in our community thought protecting a livable climate was worth turning out for. 

I need to get better at stressing that this is about saving the humans, since that doesn't seem to be the general perception.  Folks, you've got about an acre, which must sustain you and your descendants forever.   Good stewardship is a must.

One correction to something I said on Saturday: while it's true that acting to effectively cut greenhouse gas emissions will cost only about 10 cents per gallon of gas, that's the initial cost, which will ramp up over time - though it's moot since it's revenue-neutral (so the money collected gets returned to us anyway), plus the increase over time will be countered by cost savings, as people switch to lower-carbon or more efficient energy usage.
(updated 3pm, since the reference provided didn't back up the original example) A hypothetical example of this "switch effect"  would be state revenue from tobacco taxes declining, as people respond to the price signal and cut back on smoking.

So your "$1500" could turn out to be less (edited).   "Ask me how to make $1500 and get clean air."

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