Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Koch Industries sock puppetry on Wikipedia and blog comments

Koch Industries Employs PR Firm To Airbrush Wikipedia, Gets Banned For Unethical ‘Sock Puppets’, from ThinkProgress earlier this month; somehow I'd missed it.

(Note: the original user was open about his/her Koch ties, but apparently later created/recruited sockpuppets or meatpuppets, which is verboten - as is editing pages where you have a conflict of interest, which s/he also did.)

New Media Strategies was the PR firm they used here, but it's one of many: "the billionaire Koch brothers maintain contracts with over a dozen public relation firms and lobbying firms."


Don Pelton said...

This may be the same outfit that the national Chamber of Commerce hired to launch hit pieces against its critics. I heard a report about this somewhere, and I've been trying to run it down.

Don Pelton said...

OK, I should have noticed before that you already reported on the Chamber scandal (or what should be a scandal), here: