Friday, March 11, 2011

An appreciation - Tom Grundy, and Reinette Senum of APPLE

APPLE - our local Alliance for a Post-Petroleum Local Economy - came out against Proposition 23 last fall, and Tom Grundy [speaking for APPLE at the time] stepped up to the plate and spoke effectively against it on KNCO. And Reinette Senum's just a powerhouse in making things happen - the Alpha building renaissance, our Saturday morning Farmer's Market, local educational events, etc. I also commend APPLE for their educational efforts in bringing Richard Heinberg and others to speak to our community. Thank you, folks.

I do wish APPLE could move beyond its core culture and "green living" focus, to educate about what actions are most needed to make a difference - the message that Green shopping and personal action won't save the planet has not gotten through.

I also hope they'll reconsider the cold-shoulder response to climate hero Tim DeChristopher's message that climate change is a war against the young (link). The "tend our own garden" local focus is acceptable to climate delayers for a reason - it diverts us from the effort we must make now.

The climate poster - briefly up at the APPLE Center - has moved to the Earth Store on Broad St.

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