Thursday, March 10, 2011

Journalism manuals

There's probably a better compilation out there, but recently I've run across these -

Of the 3, the last seemed most worthwhile; but all are helpful.


Don Pelton said...

Then there's FAIR (Fairness And Accuracy in Reporting ..., just to keep things confusing.

Anonymous said...

The FAIR manual looks like it might be really useful. I think I should study it more closely, and see if I can get any ideas for further investigating SwiftHack.

The KPOV handbook focuses too much on format, methinks.

-- frank

Anna Haynes said...

Don, I had a feeling a FAIR was missing; thanks.

And yes frank, I was impressed with the IJ manual ( )

As for the other one, hey, if it's got stuff I don't know but need to, that's enough...
(since I'd like to get back into the radio station, after wrapping up a few more online things)
Haven't read it yet though.

Anna Haynes said...

> "...since I'd like to get back into the radio station..."

Or not; I kind of got brushed off, when I inquired again.
(& considering the quality of my gift of gab, this may not be entirely a bad thing)

Anna Haynes said...

Another good radio interview resource: Interview & Live Broadcast Tips

...and, for the record: I'd made the previous comment (" of gab...") before discovering the magic of audio editing.

Anna Haynes said...

While I see there's a cit-j handbook - (*book*, "on behalf of the Colorado-based National Association of Citizen Journalists ("), I didn't see a sample chapter and didn't find the site's tone promising.
(... why a *book*? if the info is good, a foundation should pay to make it available online.)

CitJ instructions&pointers are provided in video format at YouTube's Reporters Center; it's supremely frustrating though, since video's so inefficient, plus some %^&* videos bait&switch; I want to be able to skim the info, yet YouTube's not set up to allow people to effectively contribute notes&transcripts for others to easily find&read. Grrr. Did we really invent the web in order to go back to watching television?

Anna Haynes said...

p.s. to previous comment, links to an early excerpt of the handbook, and to its TOC.