Friday, October 29, 2010

Mother Jones on Meckler's TPP private jet trips

From yesterday, A Secret Tea Party Donor Revealed
("Movement leaders are jetting across the country in a donated plane to rally the tea party troops. Meet the deep-pocketed GOP donor who owns "Patriot One.")

(Said deep-pocketed donor is nonlocal, a fellow in Montana - or at least that's where the plane is registered.)


Anonymous said...

Quick heads-up: Ray Thompson of Semitool is one of the rich people on the Koch invitation list. So now we have one direct link from the top brass to (some of) the foot soldiers.

-- frank

Private Jet said...
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Anna Haynes said...

Yowza - well done Frank, indeed there he is.
(dunce that I am, I was too caught up with the guy named Curry...)

Anonymous said...


Don't fret too much over it -- each of us have our own blind spots. :)

-- frank