Friday, October 29, 2010

Judith Curry on our own Russ Steele: not a climate skeptic

It was Dr. Curry in haste, perhaps, but all the same, it does not evince an awareness of the glaringly obvious. Her words (reprinted here):
"Re the “Hockey Stick Illusion,” here are some blogospheric reviews, not from identified “skeptics (as far as i can tell):
Seth’s Blog
NC Media Watch
Facts Plus Logic
Discovery News"


Anna Haynes said...

I've asked Mr. Steele whether he thinks Dr. Curry characterized him accurately; I'll report his response.

Anna Haynes said...

Russ's response - perhaps to the Curry Q, or perhaps to my asking him "what pattern do you see in this image", or perhaps to something entirely different - has been to delete all further comments from me on his blog, even comments clarifying or following up on or backtracking on previous comments I'd made, & even a comment explaining that I could no longer comment there.

(I checked, & he said yes, this "disappearing" of my comments is deliberate.)

And for readers confused about the significance of this blogpost, Curry's SourceWatch page might help.