Thursday, August 26, 2010

Contest - Steele's "What do you know about global warming?" quiz post

Local contrarian Russ Steele has a blog post up plugging a "What do you know about global warming?" quiz.

I went through the first few questions, and there's a hole in its logic that you can drive a Prius through.

Can you spot it? First person to do so gets a free coffee (from me) at Java John's.

(to make this one easy, here's a hint)


Anna Haynes said...

A window into Russ Steele's comment moderation on this issue:

I made a comment at his blogpost, replying to another local contrarian. Part of my comment survived Mr. Steele's moderation, but the following part did not:
(Reminder Greg, explication request over at Pelline's - link)
(please answer there)
(though "please" does translate to "no way in hell will I", for some...)
(it was replaced with "Snip, we are not here to promote Jeff P's web site.")

Anna Haynes said...

(and my subsequent comments on that thread, replying to commenters, have not appeared; though since Steele's blog is on Typepad, which reputedly has an insidious comment-eating bug, it's hard to tell a deliberate thumbs-down from an automated one.)

AbbotOfUnreason said...

I saw that the first question agreed that Global Warming was a real phenomena, so I figured I didn't need to read any more.

Anna Haynes said...

Likewise, a comment I left there (link) saying that comments I'd left there haven't appeared, did not appear.