Saturday, August 07, 2010

NevCo Transportation Commission, meet SeeClickFix - Pedestrian Improvement Study Funded for County

The $64,000 question is, why not save [many of] our tax dollars & use SeeClickFix?

(Direct links: SCF for Grass Valley, SCF for Nevada City)

Reported by KNCO's Rita Stevens:
"The Nevada County Transportation Commission has received funding to do a new pedestrian study. Transportation Planner, Mike Woodman says the $65 thousand grant is to identify areas where people would like to see pedestrian improvements and the commission would like to hear from residents about areas where there are gaps in sidewalks or safety concerns, or areas where there needs to be a crosswalk or additional curb ramps."
I wonder if the granting agency knew about SeeClickFix.

I went to the NCTC website to see if I could learn more - including where the money's coming from - but just found a link to a very simple(*) Nevada County Pedestrian Improvement Plan survey, deadline is Aug 13.
Yo, NCTC, your "Meetings & Agendas" archives are from 2009...

I'd drop a link to SeeClickFix in the comments at that KNCO story, but KNCO stories don't have comments...

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