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Health of our banks & credit unions, from Mar 2010

Here's how our banks and credit unions (ones that have branches here) rated on their Troubled Asset ratios in March, compared to each other and to the median bank and credit union values.

Some context:
"Bank failures are expected to peak in the third quarter of this year, the FDIC has said, and then start tapering off if the economic recovery continues to take hold.
FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair has also said small banks have recently been able to raise more capital, helping some institutions avoid failure altogether."
- ABC News, June 11 2010 (link)

(For further context, a section at the bottom of this post shows the Troubled Asset ratios of some banks that got shut down this year - almost all had TAs over 200, of those I checked.)

(All data from, and links to, the Investigative Reporting Workshop. "Generally speaking, higher values in this [Troubled Asset] ratio indicate that a bank is under more stress caused by loans that are not paying as scheduled")

Banks with branches in Grass Valley or Nevada City
(National median TA ratio for banks =15)

Citizens Bank - 100.4
PremierWest - 74.10
Wachovia - 45.7
Wells Fargo - 39.6
Bank of America - 35.3
JP Morgan Chase - 31.2
Tri Counties - 27.3
Bank of the West - 25.9
Westamerica Bank - 13.7
El Dorado Savings - 1.6

Credit Unions with branches in Grass Valley or Nevada City
(National median TA ratio for credit unions = 5.9)
Sierra Central - 17.5
The Golden 1 - 16.3
First U.S. Community Credit Union - 13

Also listed as being in GV/NC (in the "yellowbook" phone book) are Bankserv(GV, link) and geographic outlier La Jolla Bank (GV); LJB had a "loan production" office here (link), and had a Troubled Asset ratio of 651.3 before getting closed & absorbed into OneWest Bank back in February. (link))
Troubled Asset ratios of some of the banks closed this year:
(a more or less random sample; I gleaned the names from news stories)
First National Bank of Georgia (686.4)
Florida Community Bank (551)
Sun West Bank (432)
George Washington Savings Bank (418.7)
Washington First International Bank (318)
Marshall Bank in Minnesota (258)
American Marine Bank in Washington (249)
First Regional Bank in Los Angeles (232)
Marco Community Bank (202.7)
Granite Community Bank (232)
Community Bank and Trust in Georgia (182)
(an outlier among the closed banks is La Coste National Bank, at 1.6)
Caveat, the information in this post was copied by hand and may contain some errors.

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