Saturday, April 17, 2010

What conservatives should know about climate change

(from How to Talk to a Conservative about Climate Change, over at Global Warming - Man or Myth?)

"There are three choices the world has to deal with the consequences of global warming:

1. A really statist, tyrannical approach to climate stabilization would be to create a new international agency with broad powers to micromanage the world’s industry and transportation sectors.

2. A regulated, market-based solution such as a carbon tax or a cap and trade system with concessions to developing countries such as China and India. ... has enjoyed great success in Europe but has faced fierce political opposition in the U.S., Canada, and Australia ...

3. A business-as-usual solution where reducing greenhouse gases is optional.

In the "business as usual" solution #3 where emissions of greenhouse gases continue to rise, the following consequences are realistic:

1. China and India pass the US as economic superpowers
2. Increased immigration
3. Higher food costs
4. Greater government subsidies (higher taxes)
5. Higher insurance rates
6. Increased authoritarian governments
7. Increased terrorism
8. Nuclear proliferation
9. Regional and global wars between countries with nuclear weapons

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