Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Must-read: Environmental economics 101 - Building a green economy

Yes, you too can get a Princeton education for under $5:
Buy the Sunday (Apr 11) New York Times, since Krugman's article there, on environmental economics and climate policy - is a keeper.
(Dan Logue, if you have children whose souls don't already belong to Scaife Koch & Exxon, please read this!)

I never took basic college Economics(*) so I've had lots of remedial learning to do; and this is the kind of writing that really helps our knowledge level to skyrocket.

(Something to keep in mind when reading Krugman's piece: is he writing to make you smarter, or writing to make you think he's smarter? Intelligent, well educated, competent, intellectually honest people aim for the former: to communicate the most significant concepts and their relations as clearly as possible, so you come away as well-informed as possible.)

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