Saturday, April 03, 2010

Videos of Assessor candidates Kleinhans and Horne from Apr 1 forum

Update: shortened video URLs are:
I've given these to KNCO's Bob Breck so he can provide them with KNCO's podcast.

The Assessor's race segment - featuring candidates Rolf Kleinhans and Sue Horne - is missing from KNCO's podcast of the April 1 candidates' forum(*), Jeff Pelline reported.

But I caught it - all but the first second or two(?), of Ms. Horne's statement - on video, and have posted it on YouTube in two 5+ min. parts - the candidates' initial statements, and the Q&A.

Initial statements:


I thought it brought out some real differences between the candidates.

Also - Jeff Pelline has asked some further candidate questions; with luck we'll get answers.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,
Thanks for doing this. It's a "scoop" too, because even the supporters of both candidates are complaining they didn't get to hear what was said on the radio. Great example of "community journalism," along with your NCVoices.
-Jeff Pelline

Anonymous said...

hi anna,
some candidates answered but rolf asked that you resend. i'll publish what i get in a few days.
jeff p.

Anna Haynes said...

Thanks Jeff. I really hope that KNCO will let their listeners/visitors know that this is available, & not fail to inform them.
"Do what you do best, and link to the rest" is the most listener-friendly policy.