Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter warmth product ideas

Someone should sell these.

1. The new, ultra-fuzzy socks that CVS has been selling - currently all ankle-length, that I've seen - should be available in knee-sock height.

2. A sturdy short smock, waist length at most, with a 9+ inch, stomach-area pocket in front, and another pocket at same height in back - along with two Snuggle Safe microwavable heat pads. Which, when heated, go into the pockets...
(This could be a home business, for someone with a sewing machine; sell at Victorian Xmas to extremely grateful buyers.)

The advantage of the SnuggleSafes, over the drape-around-your-neck microwave gel heat pads, is that the latter invariably seem to end up springing a leak, when you leave them in the nuker too long. And then what do you do with the escaping gel?

Actually, that's a third product idea:
3. A gel-proof "overcoat" sleeve, to re-seal your leaking microwave-gel-pad into, for continued use.

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