Saturday, December 19, 2009

My comment that local contrarian Russ Steele is deleting from his blog

2012-01-09 update - post removed because it stooped to ad hom personality issues.  My apologies.


SkiTheStars said...

Have stopped bothering to read Russ or Rebane, except in The Union, and may stop bothering to read there, as comments there too seem to mysteriously be disappearing, leaving only the right wing trashing letters to stand by theselves. It's almost as though the rtwing media has decided enough is enough with being blasted on their own turf, and they are being proactive in censorship by means of "technical difficulties."

I'm hoping The Advocate will set up a discussion board, as Sierra Debates never caught on, and I'm not sure I'm even plugged into it anymore. I'll have to check to make sure I have that email functioning at my end.

Anna Haynes said...

Actually, Jeff Pelline's blog is shaping up to be Nevada County's venue for intelligent discussion.
An example from earlier this month is the discussion that popped up on “ClimateGate” shows how polarized we are on global warming. I was hoping (& begging) that Jeff would run a followup to that one, soliciting suggestions & discussion on solutions, but it appears nobody but me thought that was a good idea.
Which is a little odd... especially since I promised to just be an observer.