Monday, December 04, 2006

Such a handsome young man...

(Updated below, and edited for clarity and accuracy)

...going door to door on an early weekday afternoon, peddling a homemade cleaner in refillable spray bottles

...knocking on door of a house where the shades were all drawn

...not trying the neighbors next door, nor those I asked from further up the street*.

Polite and friendly too.

Lacking a larcenous background, I have no experience, so must ask: how likely is it that he was legit?

I did call the police dept; got the sheriff's dispatcher, asked if this was something worth reporting - the answer is apparently not, unless he lacks the required peddler's license(?).

Do door-to-door evangelists need a license? If not, that'd seem a more prudent method of doing pre-burglary research.

(and do the legitimate evangelists evangelize alone, or do they always work in pairs?)

Morning-after update:
Walked across the street to City Hall after coffee and asked, and heard:

1. Yes, sounds like my handsome visitor was legit; someone of same description had come in yesterday and taken out the papers; is from out of town, I believe Sacto area.

2. Unless you're evangelizing for profit, you don't need a license to go door to door proselytizing your religion (which is obvious, in retrospect)

So the only thing left to wonder about is the one-evangelist-vs.-two question, whether they do always travel in pairs/groups when going door to door.

Confidential to reader wondering at the suspicious consider-the-worst mentality evinced here: au contraire, history ("all the data that we have so far") reveals your correspondent to be a clueless blithering idiot. Trust me on this one.

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