Tuesday, November 28, 2006

People I would like to meet

A very incomplete list (fallible memory, narrow mind, some names removed to protect the innocent)
* Press bloggers - DeLong, Rosen, Alexander, Cline, Conovers, and others
* Dave Mitchell
* Gary Webb*
* K.C. Meadows
* Margaret Wade
* Lisa Williams
* the one true b!x
* Chris Cobler
* Arne Hoel
* Fred Sacher
* Howard Ahmanson


Russ Steele said...


Recognizing only two names on your list, I guess we travel in very different circles.


Anna said...

ok, I'll bite. Which two? And what would your list look like?

(BTW, you're not on mine because it's a "people I haven't met yet" list)

Russ Steele said...

I recognize Margaret Wade and Jay Rosen

Off the top of my head, some people I would like to meet:
Steve McIntire
Jerry Pournelle
Ross McKitrick
Forest Mims
Dick Cheney
Andy Grove
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Tom Sullivan
Glenn Reynolds

I am sure there are others, especially some women.

Anna said...

Britney Spears?