Saturday, December 09, 2006

NC blog aggregation

I'm trying out Suprglu as an aggregator for the active NC blogs that I'm aware of. It's not ideal, still need a way to ensure that no more than the first few lines of a post will appear.
One way would be for the various blogs' owners (Jeff, Doug, Martin...) to change their feed settings....

(FYI, don't bother trying to leave comments on Ski The Far Stars as they seem to go into a black hole)

still need to add: sesf, broadband of brothers; what else?
(and if any of you don't want to be part of the aggregation, let me know.)

but i thought it was supposed to update - yet hours later it's still not showig this post. Maybe it only updates infrequently?


Anonymous said...

you should try instead. It not only aggregates your RSS feeds, but also your social network accounts.

Anna said...

I've also hit the max# of RSS feeds, for Suprglu - 10 or thereabouts.

But I just tried and it's just another RSS reader, it _doesn't_ seem to do what Suprglu does (and what I want), namely make the 'aggregation page' publicly available.


SkiTheStars said...

SkiTheStars should work, this is the first I've heard that it doesn't. Nice to know somebody reads it.

I'll run a few tests.

In the meantime, try for my take on the Starbucks/FlourGarden controversies.

Anna said...

> this is the first I've heard that it doesn't

good - I was afraid my keyboard had bad breath or something.

as for Starbucks - cute. But to keep them from taking over, what beetle do we import?

What I HATE about them - I've tried to patronize them at Albertson's a couple times - is that if you just want a PLAIN OLD CUP OF COFFEE you still have to wait in the same bleeping line as the people whose drinks take 45 minutes to whip up. Forget that.

Java Johns is much more sensible.