Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Qs for the local paper's publisher

(Sat. eve update: not unrelated, see Doug McGill (aka Localman) on The Coffee Shop Warriors of Minnesota-Somalia)

Friday afternoon updates -
that's funny... a comment I'd posted to Jeff's column Wed.* eve, suggesting that people with questions come here and add them, doesn't seem to be up over there. I've just now asked Kady, over in her comments (it'll likely be #4, if it gets approved); am hoping she will find out and reply.
It'd seem to me that if your paper is already widely viewed with distrust, silently deep-sixing comments would be unwise.

And no answers from Jeff, when I emailed these questions to him.

Any guesses as to who wrote this?:
Speaking of empathy ... we need more of it from our leaders today. One of my Christmas gifts was a book titled "The Power of Servant Leadership." Inside are some characteristics of a servant leader (whether it's a CEO, or politician) that include the ability to listen, empathize, heal, be aware, persuade, conceptualize, have foresight, practice good stewardship, and be committed to the growth of the people and building of community.*



The Union Publisher Jeff Ackerman's latest column (akin to Feb 28's) drew plenty of comments (including someone's analysis of that column's logic); this comment's from me:
Jeff, glad to see you care about this issue. Does this mean you'll be willing to engage in dialog on it?
Please reply (here in [The Union's] comments is fine)-
Anna Haynes (
('dialog' meaning discussion, asking and answering questions in good faith, not serial monologues or paintball-fight interactions)

Response from Jeff: none so far.

So I figured it's time to collect some questions for him, and post them here, and drop him a line requesting answers. Feel free to submit yours in the comments, if any come to mind.

So, Jeff Ackerman, publisher of western Nevada County's newspaper -
  • should community leaders involve themselves in community discourse?
  • is it ok if they limit their involvement to one-way broadcasts, or should they engage in dialogue?
  • should their commentary be respectful of others, or should it caricature and belittle them?
  • is the publisher of a regional newspaper, by definition, a community leader?
  • does a community leader have a responsibility to reply to questions posed respectfully?

Thank you for your time.

Anna Haynes


Anonymous said...

LOL. You might be better off if these were themselves respectful questions.

Anna said...

They're not?

(if you can tell me in what way they're disrespectful, I would be grateful)

Also - please pick a psuedonym to use when you're here, "anonymous" is so...unimaginative. Dull.

maxr999 said...

Mr. Ackerman NEEDS to be held accountable for his comments in such a public forum. Here's the latest: A Placer County Grand Jury report found that former Sierra College President Ramirez committed no breaches of ethics and violated no laws whatsoever, calling Aaaron Klein charges "utterly without merit" and urged Klein to apologize to Ramirez. Well...back in February of 2005 Publisher Ackerman joined Trustee Klein (whom he calls "very bright and pretty damned straightforward") in dragging Mr. Ramirez through the mud. Yes, Mr. Jeff Ackerman needs to be held responsible for his words, words that are read by thousands of people and have the capacity to damage the careers and reputations of those he attacks.

Anna said...

Yeah. more later.
(testing tweaked page template now)

maxr99 said...

Anna--will your 'more later' be coming soon? What was done to Mr. Ramirez at the hands of Aaron Klein, and cheerleaded by Jeff Ackerman was nothing less than despicable. They need to hear from the community...they need to know that they cannot use their positions to engage in high-tech tar and feathering. This was an innocent man who was no more engaged in a college 'money laundering scheme' than were you or I. Who's next on the hit list?


Anna said...

Max, you made a good point. (resultant Ramirez/Klein piece was posted here)