Thursday, March 30, 2006

Of grayhounds, fluffy bunnies, and single-minded dedication

I barged in on a discussion between some friends of a different political orientation the other day, and I just nailed them. Here* is what I said:
You guys are like grayhounds - all Rush Limbaugh has to do is wiggle a fluffy little Hillary bunny (or a fluffy little Ted Kennedy bunny) in your field of vision and you're off, straining with every sinew of your bodies, pursuing it in leaps and bounds with single minded dedication...

Paying absolutely no attention to what's happening in your surroundings or the disasters we're in or the ones that are coming.

They were dumbstruck*; I had hit a nerve.

I felt very wise.

Until this afternoon, when a comment made me see that I have fluffy Hillary bunnies of my own.

it's embarassing, to be so easily manipulated.

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