Monday, March 20, 2006

Error correction in Nevada City: tourist trap repair

Fortunately, Nevada City staff is a lot more on the ball than the blogger, who's been intending to post this for days now.

Date: last Monday
Time: 9am
Action: Called City Hall to report a broken meter cover in the sidewalk on South Pine St., leaving a hole for the unwary pedestrian to insert foot and break bones.
"Whose meter is it?"
"I don't know*. Could you ask Vern* to take a look at it sometime today, and see if he can find out, and get the responsible party to fix it?"

At next sighting, the spot was covered with a board and had traffic cones on it;
at next sighting, a utilities truck was on the scene;
at next sighting, the repairs were complete.

Thanks to all. And thanks too, on behalf of someone who isn't thanking you, who's blissfully unaware of their accident averted.

And a drinking water quality update: it continues to be excellent.

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