Friday, June 10, 2005


Sun: two minor changes (added an asterisk, removed a season)

Quoted (from here) in Staci Kramer's Journos and Bloggers: Can Both Survive? at OJR:
What journalists can learn from bloggers:
  • you can blur the line between the personal and professional without corrupting the process;
  • you can learn to improvise in real time;
  • how to have a conversation with their readers;
  • to be humble - you don't know everything.

Bloggers can learn from journalists:
  • the value of leg work;
  • the nature of accountability;
  • that editing is a good thing;
  • to be humble - you don't know everything.

FYI, profile updates - updated the NCFocus profile and policies page a day or two ago, to reflect my new status. Conversely I've turned off access to my Blogger profile (here) since it's rather confused and shows my "most recent" posts as being ones from ages ago, when a lot was going on that I don't want to rehash right now.

Also made a few updates to Outed by The Union. Here's a sadly amusing reaction from a big-city blogger:
...If the newspaper has an ombudsman, I would suggest that you complain to him/her, and to the editor in chief. At least let the people in who are supposed to be in charge of ethics at the paper know what happened.
Yup. "Our newspapers are run with local autonomy* by publishers and management teams who are leaders in their communities." (*)

-40- *

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