Thursday, June 02, 2005

Enron - the smartest guys in the room

Tuesday: got rid of the italics.

Excellent film, highly recommended. Am told tonight was its last night at Sierra Cinemas but that it'll be at the Sunday night movie at Nevada Theater one of these Sunday nights.

Most valuable to me was the footage of CEOs and other executives lying, when we know - due to subsequent events and revelations - that they're lying. Usually you don't get the opportunity to calibrate your personal intuitive lie detector like that.

And I'm not voting for Arnold, ever.


Friday additions, as various memories of watching the film kept surfacing -
The way corruption can creep in, when the little coverup needs a bigger coverup and so on...;
The courage of Sherron Watkins;
The difference between loyalty to an institution and loyalty to those who are running it into the ground; synchronicity (aka implicit attentional selection?) with Deep Throat/Mark Felt here (and see Lex on Felt)

And how can an entire audience (albeit small, and smaller with self and companion excluded) not be Simpsons fans? It was a disturbing moment, when exactly two laughs rang out.

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