Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Of bluegrass bands and blogs

The Father's Day bluegrass festival happened at the fairgrounds this weekend; and walking around, listening to the knots of people playing, the blog parallels were striking - mostly A-listers on the main stage playing to the crowd; a multitude of great smaller-traffic(k)ed sites in the "long tail" of the campground; the same blurring of boundaries between listener and performer; and from their talk, a fair number from North Carolina.

sorry, no photos. I was an idiot and did not bring the camera.


Russ Steele said...

We had a great Father's day at the Bluegrass Festival. I had my cellphone camera, but never thought to take a picture. Great music and great people watching.

Anna said...

Dang, Russ, you should have stopped by to say hi.

Anna said...

The Calif Bluegrass Association website now has some photos from the festival in their gallery.

We went Saturday afternoon/evening, so got to see Del McCoury's evening show. Unfortunately I wasn't the greatest listener, was a) freezing, b) falling asleep, c) intensely and viscerally regretting having succumbed to the siren song of the funnelcake. What was funny though, was not being able to hear just how good they were, until I closed my eyes - then it was crystal clear.

A couple other striking things -

Just what good people bluegrass people are. I don't think you can find any other natural human aggregation with the same quality.

And feeling an abundance of civic pride in our fairgrounds, and in being able to share a such a fine site with such a deserving group of people.

egads, I'm getting sappy. it won't last.