Wednesday, May 25, 2005

local and global

Two articles in The Union today related to discussions in their weblog - report on Mr. Spencer's apology ( after an exchange starting with this comment to this weblog post), and Lamphier will stay put, which started on the The Union's weblog with this post and subsequent commentary.

It's worth reading both blog and paper on these.

And, looking up to discover the existence of a wider world, we found Effect Measure reporting on and linking to Nature's special issue on bird flu:
Nature is doing nothing less than trying to jump start action on avian flu. That a private publication should find it necessary to take this on is a sad commentary on the dereliction of duty from local, national and international public health authorities...
(Here's Nature's fictional bird flu blog, to help you visualize what could be in our future.)

To glocalize *: we need our local public servants to take up blogging. They work for us; they should be telling us what they're up to. What is Nevada County's pandemic plan? Who is working on it? Where is it available for the public to read, and to share their collective wisdom? (Dan Gillmor says his readers know more than he does, and en masse, we do. )

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