Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Additions to the blogroll

From South Carolina, journalist Daniel Conover, aka "damngood commenter" on other weblogs (on his own weblog, his most recent posts are excellent); sample comment here -
The goal of objectivity is not fairness or balance: it is reliability and credibility. Objective information actually upsets rote "fairness" when one side of an argument is based on an obvious distortion.

From Canada, journalism instructor Mark Hamilton; e.g. today's post reporting the sighting of a new and much-improved approach to newspaper corrections:
...Full transparency. Full conversation, available for all to read. We have here a new way for media to do corrections that is neither grudging nor terse, but that adds a fullness to the process of correcting 'the first draft of history.'

From a geographically indeterminate vantage point overlooking the future, The Oil Drum;

And rising from once-swampy, saurian Brunswick Basin, The Union's weblog. Here's hoping it's a transformative experience, in a good way.

Update: if others can move forward, so can we: as of now, comments on new NCFocus weblog posts are unrestricted (i.e. not registered-users-only).
Please keep your comments civil, or else just continue miming them.

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