Tuesday, May 24, 2005

It's at Greensboro

In case you've been wondering where it's at...:
An excellent lay-of-the-land article describing the Greensboro 'blog scene' and its participants, who serve as (sometimes cautionary) illustrations of the nature of blogging and the issues it poses. Best definition of a weblog yet:
A weblog is (usually) no more than a website that (usually) features the writing of a single author who (usually) posts, with some regularity, writings that are (usually) grounded in news, personal opinion and references to other bloggers, which can (usually) be immediately accessed at the click of a mouse through hyperlinks....

was going to quote more of the piece - so much of it is so eminently quotable - but there wouldn't have been much left unquoted. So go read the whole piece, if you're curious.

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