Tuesday, November 04, 2003

more press links

From Dave Winer: "...funding from the MacArthur Foundation to study alternative compensation schemes for media on the Internet..." (oops. wrong kind of media. always follow link before posting.)

via pressthink, Blogging at the Spokesman-Review - a different way to put out the news

Atrios on blogging and journalism:
Journalists have a bias against "old news" - that is, if it was ever published somewhere, anywhere, it isn't "news." This makes the only "new" news either breaking news events, press releases, or new quotes from important people. That's a rather limited view of what journalism is.

Greg Palast:
In America, a 'conspiracy nut' is defined as a journalist who reports the news two years before the New York Times.

Julia, in Brad DeLong comments:
I heard Johnathon Alter [sp?] on WNYC the other night telling tales out of school about all the things the administration has done wrong since the war, and the inside battles that they're having - none of which was material I've seen in Newsweek.
I find it a little creepy when people with actual influence over the public discourse make a point of letting us know that they're really far too savvy and sophisticated to believe what they're telling us.

On the fawning Hitler Homes and Gardens article:
...any attempt by a magazine to "use copyright law to suppress embarrassing information is appalling." Leff said she is using the Homes & Gardens article to teach students that sometimes journalists can gather information that is "completely accurate, but because of the subject material -- in this case, portraying Hitler as a gardener and a gourmet in 1938 -- it's not really the appropriate tone to take."

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