Thursday, November 27, 2003


Found via The Right Christians, a Calpundit-hosted thread on libertarianism - the beginning of which has some very good stuff, sparking off of this comment -
Libertarianism has two virtues for its adherents, folks who tend to have a high degree of spacial, analytical intelligence and an extremely low degree of empathetic, emotional intelligence:..

BDL (quoted out of context from here):
...illiberal and destructive patterns of thought: a belief that quantitative measurements are not the base on which one's interpretation should be built but rhetorical weapons to be used for advantage, a belief that anecdotes are persuasive without inquiring into whether they are representative, an assumption that all elements of the current situation one likes are part of the natural order of things, and a belief that anyone else's use of economic or social power is profoundly illegitimate...

From metafilter, what it's like to live with prosopagnosia ("face blindness", aka poor to no facial recognition ability). Take it from me, this is not a good disorder to have - even just a mild case - when you live in a small town.

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