Sunday, November 09, 2003

More electronic skew-the-voting machine pieces

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From Nov. 3 Newsweek, Black Box Voting Blues:
Electronic ballot technology makes things easy. But some computer-security experts warn of the possibility of stolen elections

From Wired Nov. 6, Suspect Code Used in State Votes:
An investigation by California's secretary of state has revealed that Diebold Election Systems placed uncertified software on electronic voting machines in a California county.
Voters in Alameda County...

Nov 3 Christian Science Monitor:
Electronic ballots, hailed as the antidote to hanging chads, will make a mark on Election Day. But critics warn of risks to democracy.

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from, EFF Case Vs Diebold Stalls, re Diebold's attempt to use copyright law to block the publication of information about flaws in their software:
The political element surrounding the case might have ramifications that will be felt in elections for years to come. If the San Francisco judge ruling on the restraining order today finds against the ISP Online Policy Group, the ISP and many others will be forced to stifle any mention of the machine's flaws.
With no incentive to fix the machines vulnerabilities, Diebold might not, giving every election day loser a way to contest the validity of the votes. It'll be a revisitation of the "hanging chad" fiasco during the Bush-Gore elections.

and, most powerfully, Britt Blaser with Secreted Ballots and a War Story - "Far more than you want to read about e-voting and maybe not quite enough about burning airplanes..." -
On 25 June 1968, about 3 miles from Cambodia, our C-130 was struck by .50 cal. machine gun fire that blossomed into a real headache...
To me though, [the e-voting story] feels like molten aluminum dripping off the left wing. There is no larger story.
Read it.

"It's not the people who vote that count. It's the people who count the votes."
-attributed to Josef Stalin

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