Sunday, April 20, 2003

letters to the editor from Bill Weismann

Keep reading. They get more extreme.

A few posts ago I typed about how we project our motives onto others (ie belabored the obvious)... here are excerpts from alleged hit-man-hirer Mr. Weismann's letters to the editor of The Union. (to see everything, go to The Union's post-Jan02 archives and search for "Weismann")

emphasis is mine.

in chronological order...
  • Jan 23 02 letter
    ...uses the old liberal standby: "Attack the messenger" - in this case, the signs - "and ignore the message." ...we are pleased and happy that these "No on NH 2020" signs are driving Ms. Jordan nuts. Every time she and her fellow SBC supporters write one of these tantrum, tizzy-fit columns, we get more donations. With more donations, we can make more "No on NH 2020" signs. We really appreciate Ms. Jordan and The Union for helping us out.

  • Feb. 16 02 letter
    Both have shown that they don't expect these laws to apply to them. Let's get rid of these arrogant career politicians....

  • Mar 19 02 letter
    Bisnett is a member of the Community Advisory Committee for NH 2020. We hope he will continue to express his extreme views. It sure makes our job easier...

  • Apr 29 02 letter
    Starr's theories (April 20) about what will happen after Martin and Conklin are out of office, I thought Starr was trying his hand at humor, or sharing his entry in the April Fools liars contest!...The truth is Hank Starr is a lying political hit-man, and not a very good one, at that.

  • June 11 02 letter
    What happened to the liberal party line, "He's scary"? Shumaker rambles on like a madman,...As for Larry Shumaker: "Sir you are nothing but a lying liberal hit man, and not a very good one, I might add."

  • Aug 9 02 letter
    Many individuals driven to public service pursue personal agendas and fringe ideology versus representing us in our best interest. They view themselves as wise shepherds leading a misguided flock down the proper path. ...The fangs of NH 2020, still packed with venom, are the science report and the GIS mapping of private property...

  • Oct 19 02 letter
    In four years, [Izzy Martin and Bruce Conklin] have divided the people...Nevada County deserves better people...