Sunday, December 04, 2011

Tribute Trail, from downtown Nevada City

This is a mighty fine little trail, especially compared to what we used to have, which was no trails at all accessible from town. From the East Broad/West Broad Y above downtown, you head south on the non-Broad road (Bennett), which becomes Monroe, which becomes Old Downieville Hwy, which (right after the end of civilization) forks off Champion Mine Road; the trailhead's just a bit further, on the left, & somewhat inconspicuous.

The trail is miles long; it runs a long way on the south-facing slope, then goes down to Deer Creek, across a new and expensive looking bridge, to a loop trail on the other side that looks like it was put in by a Bobcat last week. (You might bring tools for touching up that part...) If you plan on doing the whole route, water & refreshments are advisable.

The trail is new, so unless you like mud, best not to walk if there's been substantial recent rain.

But boy is it nice, to have this new trail in town. Kudos to them that enabled & built it.

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