Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pentagon and neocon - global climate disruption is a threat multiplier

Your climate-doubting uncle needs to know that the Pentagon, the insurance companies, and this forward-thinking neocon with "impeccable conservative credentials" see the threats posed by climate change and the need for action:

Peter Wehner - who "has impeccable conservative credentials, having served under Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and most recently, as deputy assistant to Pres. George W. Bush" - has aligned with the reality-based program; read about him & go to his articles (published in  the (reportedly neo-con) magazine Commentary) in this post.

This ClimateBites post (Climate Change as a Threat Multiplier) covers & links to Pentagon reports from 2007 and 2010.
Gwynne Dyer's book & radio series, Climate Wars, sees warfare as the likely fallout of climate stress.  The book's now available (albeit checked out, at present) from the Nevada County Library.

From last summer, Why the insurance industry gets climate change - because they understand risk.

If you send articles like these to your national-security-focused friends and relatives - this outreach being an action much more powerful than recycling your water bottles or changing your light bulbs - follow up please, see if these folks have questions, find out how the articles are received - maybe not the first time you send something, but some time later, since rumination takes time.

We need these people and their concerns & solutions at the table, as Scott Denning pointed out in this talk (video) last summer.

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