Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Occupy Brunswick and Sutton Streets

There was a whole lotta honkin' going on during afternoon rush hour at Brunswick & Sutton in Burger Basin, as Occupy Wall Street came to Nevada County today.

I'd estimate a turnout of 180-220.
(Counted, roughly, ~80 on the BofA corner, 30 on Walgreens, 25 on each of the east corners, and 20 or so on the bridge, though the latter could have been migrants from the already-counted main body. )

Other estimates (and stories): 250 (The Union), 300 (Yubanet).

From the bumperstickers and faces, there didn't appear to be much overlap with the Tea Party contingent. Signs were pretty much as expected; "Visualize local banking" was the standout.

It's not clear what the BofA folks thought of the whole enterprise; with the usual 20-20 hindsight, I suspect that would have made for a great soundbite.

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Don Pelton said...

Nice report, Anna. Thanks!