Friday, September 02, 2011

As of yesterday, arrest count is 843

This according to 2005 whistleblower and current Climate Science Watch director Rick Piltz, who was among the honorees.

"Stopping the pipeline, which would carry the tar sands carbon bomb from Canada to the Texas Gulf Coast, can be viewed as a litmus test of Obama’s character and integrity on climate change."
Applause to Rick, and to the other 842.


gzaller said...

I think this protest is basically theatrics and a distraction from the hard work that needs to be done to lower demand. To save the ecosystem, all carbon fuels need to be abandoned.

Anna Haynes said...

You are certainly welcome to your opinion - though it seems not to recognize the utility of intelligent prioritization.

Anna Haynes said...

Greg, read KQED's Q&A with Bill McKibben, who spent several days in a D.C. jail and has given the "what to do & how to go about it" questions considerable thought.