Sunday, May 22, 2011

If you have a voluble climate-delayer friend, I have a request

In the Santer interview critique, someone suggested leading into it (and/or into other such interviews) with the voice of someone asserting one of the typical climate myths. And since the only climate-confused person I talk to these days, I don't see regularly...

I'm looking to make/get a recording of one of the following claims -

"But Al Gore's house..."
"Humans emit just a tiny fraction..."
"We should be cautious, and wait until we know more..."

Yes, it likely won't be too hard to find someone who holds these beliefs & will share them, but if your friend wants some time in the limelight...


Anna Haynes said...

I did find someone willing to let me record him telling an "Al Gore..." joke recently, but alas, just that one was all he wanted to give; & when I tried to go back for a second helping, to get a recording of *why* Al Gore would [be acting as described in joke], he declined (again). Apologies in retrospect; I should have respected his first "not another" & not tried that 2nd time.

Anna Haynes said...

I also need to start recording people answering the Q "if you have 5 minutes to spend to address climate change, what's the most effective action to take?"

(I've been asking this one informally, & have gotten a couple of explosive "Blow up the ..." answers; which are clearly facetious, knowing the respondents. But it does make you think, about how informal dialog could be misconstrued.)