Sunday, May 15, 2011

Climate scientists who've been interviewed on KVMR

I want to settle a disagreement, in which I'm pretty sure of my position, but without more data it's hard to be certain. It'd help to have a (much) more complete list, of who's been interviewed about climate science on KVMR in the last several years; if anyone has more info...?

Interviewed on Soundings:
* Juliane Frye of Reed College, on aerosols
* Gavin Schmidt
* Stephen Schneider
* David Archer
* George Philander
Other climate communicators: authors Robert Henson, Tim Flannery, John Cox; science historian Spencer Weart; weather guru Jeff Masters;
"...hosted dozens of climate scientists, and described the work of many others" (link) - anyone know who these dozens might be?
(I'm willing to make a $100 donation to charity if someone will email me sometime this month with a list, with one dozen additional names (i.e. not those above or below.)

On other shows:
* Dec 2010: Andrew Dessler, short interview by Stahler (raising objections to Dessler's work that didn't have soundbite answers)
* Nov. 2008, climate delayer Robert Balling (link)

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