Monday, September 06, 2010

Your citizen journalism project: Nevada City street paving

I'm trying to stick to climate change, but looking into & reporting on this would make a good project for someone.

This Nevada City street was paved last year, as part of the Measure S street resurfacing. It has already developed a pothole; a revealing one.

Is the asphalt supposed to be a quarter of an inch thick? What did the bid specs say?

Was this a one-spot problem, or is it thin like this in extensive areas & on the other Measure S-paved streets?

Does anyone check the contractor's work during the project, and if so, what process is followed?

Was the contractor local, or a Sacramento-area one?

Does the problem lie with the paving contractor, or with whoever prepared the street for paving, or are they the same entity?

What recourse do we-the-city have, if this turns out not to be an isolated problem?

Pothole location: Nile, just down from Clay.


Anonymous said...

Was it actually re-paved or just chip sealed?
Dave C

Anonymous said...

I hope the contractors or the city council have at least publicized their contact information for reporting problems with the paving? (What? No?)

Anna said...

Frank, we're a small town, so the reporting process is "call city hall".
Which I will do shortly.

And Dave, to my knowledge it's asphalt - it doesn't look like the chipseal I remember.