Friday, September 17, 2010

NASA's Climate Q&A

For those who think the EPA's Responses to Comments (a compendium of disinformation debunkings) aren't trustworthy since the EPA is "just a bunch of bureaucrats", and for those who don't like John Cook's or Coby Beck's "How to Talk to a Climate [pseudo]Skeptic" compendia because neither Cook nor Beck is a climate scientist, and for those who don't like the climate scientists' blog since the RC folk don't put up with foolishness, there's a fifth option:

NASA's Climate Q&A, with Qs like:
  • "Are there natural processes that can amplify or limit global warming?"
  • "What if global warming isn’t as severe as predicted?"
  • "Has the Sun been more active in recent decades, and could it be responsible for some global warming?"
In an ideal world, this resource would satisfy them.

I agree with Randy Olson though, that a separate institution is needed.
("virtually EVERYONE in the evolution science world knows the NCSE, has huge respect for them, and uses them for the services they provide. There is nothing like that for the defense of climate science.")

fixed link, 2010-09-18

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