Friday, March 26, 2010

News to me: Howard Ahmanson is now a Democrat

Feb. 2011 update: read this post as naivete, please.

Yes, that Howard Ahmanson - who put 900k into the anti-gay-marriage Prop. 8, and who, if I understand correctly, more-or-less gave our Tom McClintock his start in politics - became a Democrat over a year ago.
"...I was reading about the budget struggles and threatened purges in the Legislature, and I was getting more and more tired and disgusted of it, and I realized that, had I been a Republican assemblyman, I could have hardly escaped being purged myself. The Republican Party of the State of California seems to have decided to narrow itself down to one article of faith, which may be described as NTESEBREE: No Tax Shall Ever Be Raised Ever Ever.

...[but] the philosophy of "starve the beast" has failed. The beast will feed welfare and pork(*) and starve infrastructure(*). If we want to confront irresponsible spending, we have to confront it directly. We have to confront directly the issue of the role of government and what we want it to do and not do. And when we do want government to do something, we want it to have enough money to be able to do what it does pretty well..."

And he's got a blog.

So, a belated welcome to the blogosphere, Mr. Ahmanson.

(and, if I may gently offer the fine PDF of Katharine Hayhoe's presentation to Republicans for Environmental Protection...? Since you have the aura* of a steward, not an S&M-type dominionist.)

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