Friday, March 12, 2010

Former "suspend climate action" initiative's proponent Ted Costa turns against the effort

Peoples Advocate CEO Ted Costa, a drafter of the Logue-and-McClintock-supported initiative to suspend California's Global Warming Solutions Act, has turned against the initiative and, according to the Sacramento Bee, "is willing to write a ballot argument against it."

He's objecting to the influx of oil money and their failure to report it, according to the LA Times - a situation which, from Costa's words, does sound shady:
"I wanted to do a grass-roots operation and involve a lot of people," Costa said in an interview. "But they believe they can run this thing out of the country club, and to hell with the little people of California. If they have half a million dollars, how come they haven't reported it?"

Under state law, financial disclosure forms must be filed with the California secretary of state within 10 days of collecting $50,000. Although paid signature-gatherers were deployed more than a week ago, financial forms for the initiative committee have yet to be submitted.

Costa says that to launch signature-gathering, the group would have had to spend at least $250,000 so far, adding that "it had already spent $160,000 on research more than 60 days ago."
(emphases added)

(response from the SuspendAB32 folks: it's sour grapes because Costa's group wasn't hired to collect sigs.)

The news of Costa's change of heart does not appear on the Suspend AB 32 website's "Latest news" page - although Costa's name and bio have been removed from the site's "proponents" page (previous version here, for now).

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