Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Small, surreal world

Stephen Bechtel (Jr.) and I went to the same high school.

And on a related note - I sure wish The Thacher School in Ojai did a better job of instilling environmental consciousness in their graduates. Perhaps they do now, but 40-odd years ago they were dropping the ball.
(caveat: n=2, not much of a sample size)

[Upon reflection, I have removed some remarks that seem inappropriate]


Jeff said...

That's a good one about Stephen Bechtel, but he's a bit older.
Jeff P.

Anna Haynes said...

Another piece from the Bechtel book, that struck me -

"...there was a purposefulness to [Stephen Jr.'s] leisure. Speaking of the sailboat racing at which he excelled, he said... 'You've got to look ahead and plan your maneuvers and tactics. It teaches you to order your thinking and figure out what is going to happen and how to get where you are going at the right time.'"