Friday, May 15, 2009

Brian's leaving KVMR News

Reliable sources (plural) informed us today that Brian, the keeper of the news at KVMR, gave notice a week or two back.

Another journalism-at-KVMR news flash - a couple days ago I learned we have another big-fish editor here in town, Michael Young from the LA Times foreign desk; he's on the KVMR board. Move over JeffP; it looks like we're going to have to rename a certain street Editors' Row...

Welcome Michael and Karen (belatedly; they moved here a summer or two ago.)
(Michael, if you start a local blog, please put it in the the Suggestion Box for Nevada County Voices.)

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Anonymous said...

why did he leave? he just got here. he sat on a panel with me at a county gathering and told us he wanted to bring a nonpartisan approach to kmvr news. it sounded sensible, given kvmr's rep for being left, knco for being right and the union now catering more to wealthy retirees. i hope our community didn't drive brian off. -jeffp