Thursday, August 07, 2008

Why does [name][hyperbolic emotion verb] Hospice?

2012-01-09 update - post removed because it stooped to ad hom personality issues.  My apologies. 


Keachie said...

I think recording the conversation would make a great video for either NCTV or The Union. If no one else is available, I'd be happy to shoot it with two cameras going, and to let each of you edit the resultant tapes however you like, splicing in whatever, etc. It would be very interesting to compare the results side by side.

One must remember their were Flat Earthers in Columbus's day, but then they had far less evidence to deal with.

If nothing else, Russ must agree at this point that a lot of ice and snow is melting, and running off into the oceans. Does he dispute that too?

Keachie said...

I might recommend the article on paleo-climatology which can be found a page or so in at:

Anna Haynes said...

> "I think recording the conversation would make a great video for either NCTV or The Union."

That's a great idea, I like it. I'll suggest it to the new NCTV guy.

For the record, I want to revise something I said in the post above, namely: "I would not have pegged him as a shrinking violet, or as a Hospice-hater. But I don't see any other explanations."

That was disingenuous of me, I do see at least one other explanation. But I'll leave proposing it as an exercise for the reader.

Anna Haynes said...

Anna here. Had to delete a comment I'd submitted earlier today, which had featured an excerpt of a bombastic email I'd received from a local fellow who shares Russ's aversion to face-to-face discussion, and has gone to bizarre lengths to avoid it.

I'd replied:
"I'd like to get those who comment on the blog (or send judgmental emails) to start thinking more along the lines of "when my grandchildren look back on this time, what will they think of how/where I directed my judgmental (and other) energies?"

And the best way to get this to happen, IMO, is to leave breadcrumbs so that, if they try googling, the grandchildren can *see* for themselves.

So if you could share the names of yours...

He wasn't willing to have his name associated with the email (& thus wasn't willing to share the names of his grandchildren), and he demanded that I remove even the unattributed excerpt.

An odd town, this.

Anna Haynes said...

Anna again, with a request -
The aforementioned deleted email had criticized my choice of title for this blog post. And I agree, "Why does Russ Steele hate Hospice?" is inflammatory. But what would be better? - how could I have composed it differently, to convey the absurdity with equal impact but in a non-inflammatory fashion?

Your suggestions please.

(This is where a journalism course, with sentient instructor that responds to stimuli, would come in handy...)

Michael R. Kesti said...

Your question is unanswerable if the absurdity to be conveyed is a desire rather than real.

Anna said...

Someday, someday, SOMEDAY I hope someone with credibility will give me the constructive, usable feedback I seek.

But it ain't been happening around here lately.

Michael Tobis said...


There is a fellow here near Austin who attacks my writing on occasion with some off-base comments about mathematics. I feel certain that if he were serious in intent I could dissuade him of his confusion in a one-on-one conversation. Obviously, a public debate would serve no purpose here; he'd simply get back on his high horse.

Since we are neighbors, I offered him coffee. At his convenience and my expense. No dice. He prefers to rant and rave in public rather than have a private conversation.

It's an interesting result. You'd think if people of good will believed what they were saying they'd be willing to talk about it.

Russ said...

Well, I talk about is all the time and everyone is welcome to comment on my blog. On this blog you have to be a member of the AGW religion to comment according the Anna's latest KVMR/ Balling post. No deniers allowed.