Saturday, August 23, 2008

Best of John Mashey, on climate and other science

Update - I've put these into a section at the bottom of Mashey's wikipedia page; so add more links there, not here.

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SkiTheStars said...

Well this is getting interesting. Good selection of information. I've finally taken a bit more of an interest in Steele and his "sun is getting hotter/cooler" arguments, which I still haven't been able to make sense of. His little ditty comparing Tahoe City weather station to a weather station across the lake in the path of breezes from several hundred square miles of lake, prickled up a few hairs on the back of my neck.

As you can tell, I've been rolling with the GW side, as my interest is anything that cleans up the air and water. Now I want to see a comprehensive analysis from the sun studying satellites to see if maybe she's getting ready to blow, or does fluctuate in a significant manner.

Great title for blog post or book:

The War of the Global Warming Worlds!

BTW, in the opening lines of the pdf at wikipedia, you might want to have John correct:

"These are amplified by widespread use of the Internet, which can quickly propagating nonsense faster than truth."

Anna Haynes said...

Doug, if you want to get into the science, and are good sites - or for more of a fresh-news firehose, my aggregator

Also for the "it's the sun" type myths.

But keep in mind that this is completely optional, and you really *aren't* going to do better than the guys who study - and publish on - this stuff for a living. Do it as a hobby, yes; take the arguments of retired engineers and the western fuels association seriously when they're going against practically every scientific organization on earth, no.

I tried it. Won't ever waste that kind of time again.

SkiTheStars said...

I find I do my best debunking when I study the other side a bit.

The first thing that occurs to me is that they are claiming the sun is fluctuating in output. I want to see independent confirmation of this notion, and the only people I know are the Japanese and their satellites, although I'm sure there must be others with satellites too.

Then the question becomes, are the fluctuations trending, and are they big enough to do any of the damage that is now very, very, obvious.

And of course it is wildly possible that they may be onto something, but that does not discount what has already been documented pretty darn well.

And finally, I don't really care, as long as I get breathable air and clean water, and I don't owe my soul to ChevronExxonShelliCo, and there will snow for my great great grandkids to ski on.


Doug Keachie

Anna Haynes said...

Above I'd said
> "I tried [taking a local denier's climate claims seriously]. Won't ever waste that kind of time again."

I should clarify for any out-of-town visitors that I did this for an entire month, a year ago. When you do it for that long, you get a pretty good idea whether the blogger you're responding to has good judgement and whether he can hear what you have to say.