Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Schwinn electric bicycle questions and answers

August update: the bikes appear (from Schwinn's website) to be available now, but are only 250 watt not 400 watt(?). Answers from Schwinn are in italics below.

I've emailed Schwinn asking these questions about their three models of electric bikes.
  1. From the Schwinn FAQ:
    ... We expect the electric bikes to be here in early summer, at which time they will be available through independent Schwinn bike dealers all over the US.
    Do you mean summer of 2007? (i.e. are they not available yet?)

    [Apparently they weren't, but as of August, from their website, it looks like they are.]

  2. We live in a hilly area - what is the recommend max. grade, for the electric Schwinns?
    (for the UrbanMover electric bikes it's up to 12%10-14%, for the Giant Suede electric bike IIRC it's up to 15%)

    We don't have a specific grade recommendation...

  3. If you take the bike up steeper-than-recommended hills, what are the consequences - do you merely get temporarily reduced power...?
    ...but requiring the battery to power extra work like climbing a steep grade will shorten the distance it can travel on that charge.

    Can this damage the motor?
    I'm sorry, but I don't yet have a definitive answer for that question.

  4. Does the battery sit on top of the rack behind the seat?
    What are its dimensions (of battery plus whatever it's contained in, if anything)?
    The battery is integrated with the rear rack, but is relatively small and easily removable through a simple plug-in system.
    (update: from this Engadget post, looks like the battery fits under the rack)


Elec said...

why are you worried about Schwinn ?
Buy your own bike and add a E-bike kit. from falconev
schwinn motors are only 200 watt

Anna said...

Not "worried" about Schwinn, trying to gather information.

> schwinn motors are only 200 watt

From the specs: Front Hub: Schwinn Protanium Mini Motor with alloy shell, 24v,
400 watts