Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Electric transportation roundup

  • Bike Commute Tips Blog
  • Specs for the Ezee Quando folding electric bike (sold by Electric Bikes NW)
  • A UK electric bicycles forum, with a bike reviews section.
  • Study: cyclists who jump red lights may be safer than those who stick to the law.
  • From the UrbanMover FAQ:
    a report from Leeds University ...reveals that in a survey of electric bike owners, a third of respondents used their bikes typically at least once a day and 81% used their electric bikes at least once a week. Therefore an electric bike typically gets used at least twice as often as a conventional bicycle.
  • At Daily Kos, a 'showroom' of current and near-future 3 and 4 wheeled electric vehicles, with photos.
  • Sunday May 6 NYTimes A Two-Wheeled Option (With a Battery) for Commuters - article on electric bikes
  • New owner in Chicago reports on his $300 Mongoose Cruiser electric bicycle from Target.
  • Informative and interesting Peak Moment interview with happy Suede E owner (and commuter) Sally Lovell, who also has a bike trailer, and is a fount of knowledge on safe and successful biking. She tried several kinds of bikes before settling on the Suede:
    ...being able to test ride a bike on hills made all the difference to me. I first looked at E-bike, E-Go scooters. Then at Electric Bikes Northwest I looked at the Meridian, the Giants, and...another used one... The only one I actually took out onto the hills was the Giant Suede E, because it was what I wanted for price, weight, gear ratios and commuter durability.
  • This $1500 electric Schwinn has a 400180-250-watt motor (in front wheel) and a lithium-polymer battery. ("One charge will last approximately 60 miles")
    Schwinn also makes $1700 and $2000 electric bikes. It'd be nice to be able to try out one of the Schwinns...
  • Electric bicycle substrate: Torontoist's Insane in the Bike Lane, about its all-too-frequently appalling condition
  • Suitable Transport - electric bicycling, on a Schwinn, in a suit, along the coast of Australia from Melbourne to Sydney.
  • Unsuitable transport - the The World Naked Bike Ride to protest oil dependency.
  • Electric bicycles in Nevada County, that I'm aware of*:
    • Giant Lite step-through (NiMH)

    • Giant Suede E step-through (NiMH)

    • UrbanMover Sprite (NiMH)

    • Iacocca E-bike (SLA)

    • EZip on a Mongoose(SLA?)

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