Monday, April 02, 2007

Who's an activist?

Someone recently informed me that I'm an activist, or at least that others see me as such. I responded that I'm not, that "they" are wrong, and that I don't plan to accept a role that others have bestowed upon me.

But what if I'm wrong? Given the human mind's propensity for self-delusion, the idea's worth mulling over - can you be an activist and not [be willing to] know it?

To me, activists are fighters. They're organized and they work toward a common goal, and they're ready and willing to march and chant and do what it takes to reach that goal.

I respect these people, I'm well aware that we'd be up the creek without them. But I don't belong to that species - I'm not a fighter, not particularly goal oriented, and not overfond of taking marching orders that aren't apropos, particularly from someone I'm not working for. Plus marching and chanting just aren't in my behavioral repertoire.

Ergo, I am no activist. Curious, concerned, and sometimes dogged, but no activist.

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