Thursday, February 17, 2005

A Pico de Gallo testimonial; some restrictions apply

We are not a doctor or a pundit, but we play both on the web.

A pestilence has struck the NCFocus staff for the second time in several months. The symptoms were identical: mild fatigue and sore throat, accompanied by a corporeal desire to consume vile substances (in our case, Pico de Gallo; it isn't really vile, but it's certainly not something you would choose for a one-course breakfast)

We indulged the desire, and the illness lasted only a day or two.

So we recommend Pico de Gallo as a tonsil sterilizer and systemic microbicide, and last month we recommended eating while driving as a timesaver and alibi. However, these recommendations are not additive: please, do not eat Pico de Gallo for breakfast on an empty stomach while speeding to work on the freeway, lest said stomach report with alarm its habitation by utterly unacceptable tenants and its intent to evict them forthwith.

It was a near thing.

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