Saturday, February 21, 2004

Update on "Straight Talk" post below

I have received an email from* John Gillander regarding my statements in the Feb. 17 "Straight Talk" post. The email is entitled "Remove your libel" ; excerpt as follows:
[Gillander quotes from my post]
"To my knowledge, however, it is undisputed that Martin and her supporters were the targets of an anonymous hit piece by Gillander - with the aim of helping Sutherland -that attempted to deflect blame onto the third candidate, Antonson. Could this be anything other than "nasty politics"?"
"To my knowledge" hey? A clever bit of puke. Not quiet clever enough. I deny each and every allegation that you are making regarding me participating in Nevada County elections during 2002. Further, your as regards me is completely untrue and libelous. I herein demand a retraction...
As you might have noticed from the arrest that you noted [BTW, I was acquitted] that I have access to very good lawyer now...
Not knowing any facts beyond what I read in newspapers and online, and not caring to be the recipient of legal action, and not caring to be the recipient of other forms of action, I am removing the offending section. I sincerely retract the statement beginning with "To my knowledge, however, it is undisputed..."; clearly it is disputed, by Mr. Gillander and perhaps by others. I would be happy to link to a webpage giving Mr. Gillander's side of the story.

* it being email, the "sender" field can be spoofed, so certainty is not guaranteed.

Here's more context:

From Oct 29, 2002 Yubanet article, Candidates Debate at Nevada County Board of Realtors:
[Bruce Conklin statement on the opposing candidate]: He didn't report mailers sent by John Gillander, even though the photos were shot directly under Drew's personal supervision at a Board meeting where a powerful, high-intensity flash was used to deliberately blind Board members during public discussion.
This election is about locally supported incumbents and challengers supported by hidden interests and powerful, out-of-town politicians. We cannot let the outside interests run our county; we need to retain local control.

Political hitpiece backfires:
A series of anonymous and allegedly illegal political "hit" mailers that blanketed Nevada County last spring have been traced to a Chico-based political activist with ties to a political consultant who was paid thousands of dollars by candidate Robin Sutherland, according to documents filed in Nevada County Superior Court.
A group identifying itself as "Nevada County Citizens for Ethical Government" sent the mailers, which attacked 4th District incumbent Supervisor Izzy Martin, who is running against Sutherland. The mailers also attacked a number of local residents who have gone on record as endorsing Martin. One resident named in the mailings filed a harassment lawsuit, which led to the revelations about the mailer’s identity and his ties to the Sutherland campaign.

But the mailers did not include a legitimate return address - an apparent violation of federal postal regulations. In addition "Nevada County Citizens for Ethical Government" has not disclosed its donors or officials to the State of California or Nevada County, a violation of California's Political Reform Act, which prohibits anonymous campaign literature....

The mailers did publish a "Hotmail" email address, in tiny print barely visible to the naked eye. Last week, a subpoena issued by Nevada County Superior Court traced that email address to Mr. John Gillander of Chico, CA.

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